Saturday March 12, 2005

I have to give my cousin Martin a shout out. He came back to Cali for his spring break. I'm feeling a little under the weather but I still have to workout, because the league waits for no man. Any atheletes that are in the Orange county or LA county areas I recommend that you try out fast twitch.

Wednesday March 02, 2005

I was watching the combine this weekend on the NFL network and realized that I have what it takes to go to the next level. I've always believed it but to actually see it makes me feel good. It's makes me go harder when I work out because I know that NFL is within my reach.

Friday February 25, 2005

I know it has been months since my last entry in this journal. I took the end of our season kind of hard. So I just stayed away from writing about it in here. Actually I haven't written about anything in here. I guess I have some making up to do. I have been training in southern California getting ready for UNLV's pro day. I been working out with Charles Vangogh. He is an ex Poly high player that went on to UCLA and then the NFL. The training is going well. I guess if a person really wants something they have to pay a price for it. I working out with some exceptional football players from Mississippi St., Nebraska, Cal Berkeley, Standford, UCLA, USC, and Fresno St. We've pushing each other in workouts because that's the only way we can get better. I'll sure to stay updating the journal.

Tuesday November 16, 2004

I'm in the library and I just had the realization that my collegiate football career is coming to a close. Iím kind of sad because Iíve had some great times with my teammates. I know that Iíll keep in touch with some of them. I have enjoyed everyday of football that Iíve played this year. Even though the losses hurt I had fun. I canít wait to go to San Diego this weekend and play the Aztecs. All of my family and friends in Southern California are planning on attending the game. I plan on putting on a show. This is my last guaranteed game of my life. People always told me play every play like itís my last and anyone of the plays this Saturday could be it.

Tuesday November 02, 2004

This past weekend we had a bye. So me and my boys Zach and Beau Bell, Terrence Young, Jamaal Brimmer, Mario Hill, and Shelvion Williams all went back to southern California. I went to watch my little cousin's high school game in San Diego on Friday night. He plays running back and he is real good. I was extremely proud to watch him play. My friend Jamaal Todd went to his game with me. I went to a party at USC on Friday night after Jamaal and I drove back from San Diego. I had an alright time but USC has nothing on UNLV when it comes to parties. On Saturday I hung out with my niece and I had a great time. She is learning to talk so well. My sister and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night. I had on a mask that was very hot and I was sweating a lot. I went back to Vegas on Sunday morning and was almost late to the beginning meeting. My coach was nervous that we weren't coming to practice but we showed up and he was relieved.

Tuesday October 19, 2004

We lost to New Mexico but we are focusing on Utah now. I had a large group of friends come to the New Mexico game and that really meant a lot to me. This week I am gong to prepare to the best of my ability because I really want to beat Utah, UNLV has never beat them. I would love to be the a member of the team that beat Utah and member of the team that knocked off the number 7 team in the country. I have an appointment with the optomitrist to see if I can wear a tinted visor. Hopefully all goes well and I'll be playing and looking great against the Utes.

Tuesday October 12, 2004

We beat BYU and now are preparing for the New Mexico Lobos. I went over David Olsens house tonight to eat. His mom made Lasagna and it was good. My boy Zach Bell was on the garlic bread extra tuff. I finally got to watch the Reno game on t.v. because the Olsen's had the video tape. It was a fun game and I'm proud of how the defensive got it done at the end of the game. I'm ready for practice this week. It is homecoming so we have to win. You already that, it's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Thursday October 07, 2004

Today we have an early morning practice. After practice we have a flight to Provo, Utah. Tomorrow we play BYU on ESPN2. You guys should tune in for that game it should be a good one. The Rebels will come out on top because it's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Tuesday October 05, 2004

We found our first win against Reno-Nevada. I'm happy about that. We were under so much stress to get that first W. Now that we got it we can keep getting them. I'm feeling better this week. I separated the two ribs but I'll be ready to play this week against BYU.

Friday October 01, 2004

The Rebels are gearing up to play our rivals Nevada-Reno. We play for the biggest and most expensive trophy in college football, the fremont cannon. I know that we have all the needed tools to win this game. We cannot lose the cannon to Reno, this game is the for the state of Nevada and for our pride. The Rebels will show up. It's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Sunday September 26, 2004

I know that I promised that I'd make more entries and I apologize for not making them but I'm back. The Rebels are having a tough start. I know that I've never been 0-4 at anything but it is a reality I have to face. We made a commitment as a team a while ago that we would ride this thing until the wheels fall off and that's what I'm going to do. I know that my team wants to win. I can see the pain and frustration in their eyes when we lose. We'll find a way to get it done. The Rebels will be alright. It's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Monday September 13, 2004

I know that I haven't been making entries in my journal as regularly as I should but all that is going to change. I'm going to try to get in here atleast every other day. Today we didn't have practice but I had class and I had to do some work for my online class. I went in the football office and watched some film on Air Force. They are a pretty good team, that option they run seems to give teams problems. Hopefully we'll be able to solve the problem of the option. After I was finished with school I stopped by my boys Zach Bell and Terrence Young's place and played some dominoes and watched some of the Green Bay and Caroline game. When I finished up there I went by Dave Olsen's house his mom cooked some great barbqued chicken.

Thursday September 09, 2004

I have to go lift and then go to class. After class we have practice. Today is the last high intensity practice we have before the game. We need to get a win this week so that we can have an edge going into our first conference game. It's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Tuesday September 07, 2004

We learned a lot of things during our trip to Tennesee. I learned that we have a good team and that we are on the verge of being something special. We are getting ready for Wisconsin this week. I'm ready to have a good week of practice.

Thursday September 02, 2004

We had a big back to school rally last night. During the rally they introduced the sports teams. The students are ready to come support the Rebels. As a team we had a good practice yesterday, the tempo was good and the execution wasn't bad. Today is our last full practice before we head to Knoxville.

Monday August 30, 2004

We had yesterday (Saturday) off and I decided to let off some steam. I went out with a couple of friends. We had a great time. Today we started preparing for our game Sunday in Knoxville. The game will be nationally televised on ESPN, so check it out. Make sure to cheer for the Rebels because it's the Rebels or it's nothing.

Friday August 27, 2004

We just finished up the two-a-day part of fall camp. I had a much improved performance this camp compared to last year. Tonight we have our final red and white scrimmage. I plan on ending camp with a good performance in the scrimmage.

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